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Submission Guideline

  1. Please visit the front page of e-Paper Management UGM via this link 🔗
    If you don’t have an e-Paper Management UGM account yet, please sign-up first. The guide for signing-up is accessible via this link 🔗.  If you already have an account, please log-in.
  2. General info about the 7th Indonesian Conference on Indonesian Architecture and Planning (ICIAP 2024) is accessible via this link 🔗
  3. ICIAP 2024 Abstract Submission page is accessible by clicking the “Submission” icon found on the general info page mentioned in Step (2), or directly via this link 🔗 
  4. On the Abstract Submission page, please make sure that the field “Conference” is (automatically) filled by “The 7th International Conference on Indonesian Architecture and Planning”.
  5. On the field “Type of Participation”, there are 3 choices.
    • Please select “Oral” if you are planning to submit a paper and present it at the conference.
    • Please select “Poster” if you are planning to submit a poster.
    • Please select “Participant (No Present Paper)” if you are planning to attend the conference as an audience without submitting a paper
    If you select “Participant (No Present Paper)”, no need to fill next fields, and please directly click the “Submit” icon at the utmost lower of the submission page.
    If you select “Oral” or “Poster”, please continue to fill next fields.
  6. On the field “Symposia”, there are 4 major themes; please select according to the scope of your paper.
  7. On the field “Topic”, there are several minor themes which may be selected based on the major themes previously selected on the field “Symposia”.
  8. On the field “Title”, please write the title of paper, reflecting substance of the research.
  9. On the field “Abstract”, please write the abstract concisely including research purpose, methodology, and results. Please include keywords. If copied and pasted from other document (not directly typed), please do not copy and paste directly from MS Word file; instead, copy and paste from other word-processing software such as Notepad, TextEdit, etc.
  10. On the field “Author”, please write name of the author.
    On the field “Email”, please write active e-mail address.
    On the field “Authorship”, please select your Authorship.
    You may add data for other authors by clicking the icon “+Author”.
  11. On the field “Abstract/Full paper File”, please upload abstract file. The file is in MS Word or PDF format, and the size should not exceed 10 MB.
  12. After ensuring that all the required fields are filled, please click the icon “SUBMIT”.
  13. After the abstract is submitted, this notification may appear on the screen: “AN INTERNAL ERROR HAS OCCURRED”. Please ignore this notification, as the abstract has indeed been successfully submitted.
  14. Please refer to the Submission Guideline, downloadable from this page.

Poster Guideline

Speakers will be given 10 minutes to present the paper. It is required that presenters stay within the designated time frame. Photocopying and printing are not available during the conference. Hence, presenters are encouraged to prepare audience handouts ahead of time, if needed

  1. Use the poster template downloadable from this link. Put the title, author(s), and institution on the available field. You may also put your contact information on your poster (optional)
  2. Send the pdf file of your poster to by 26 August 2024.
  3. Print the poster in A0 size (90 cm x 120 cm) and bring the poster over to the conference. Printing is not available during the conference.
  4. At the conference location, there will be board space, double-sided tape, and push pins available for mounting the posters. 
  5. Posters will be displayed during the 2 days conference and the presenters must be available to answer the questions from interested participants. You can take your poster down at the end of the conference, otherwise it will be removed and recycled by the organizing committee.
  6. Please note that if you registered as “poster participant”, you are mandatory to present offline and attend full days of conference. As a poster participant, you are not obliged to submit a full manuscript. Also please note that poster presenters are ineligible for publication

Key elements of the posters:

  1. Clear and concise summary of the study or project
  2. Summary of the literature (optional)
  3. Key information, viewpoints, and analysis pertaining to the study issue
  4. Author’s conclusion and recommendations
  5. References
  6. Acknowledgments (if necessary)

Editorial Policy

ICIAP2024 is referring to Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Details of guideline and international standards could be found on COPE website 🔗.

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